Transition Salon

In person, small group sessions that create a safe place to explore personal transitions. In the first Salon we share an overview of our two key findings: The Transition Journey and The Positive Principles.

Based on group feedback and interest, we tailor the following Salons for each particular group. This may mean focusing on Body Basics, Creativity, Mourning Your Losses, Auditioning a Life Listener, or Value Proposition.

We offer Salon sessions in intimate settings — like a home — for groups of 5 – 10. In December 2014 we launched Invitation Only sessions. In 2015, Salon sessions will open to a broader audience and may be requested by groups such as book clubs or women’s groups for special group rates.


Personal Development Training 

Training suited for small groups at the workplace for their personnel to experience Transitioning coaching.

Ideal for Businesses, Organizations, Churches, Hospitals, or Support Group settings. We bring our expertise to you.

Interactive seminars + small group participation+ relevant  teaching curriculum + group guidance

5 weeks- twice weekly (90 minute sessions)

10 weeks- once weekly (90 minute sessions)

3 weekends- Sat./Sun.

Transitioning coaching for sponsors or facilitators

Individually booked, specifically tailored to individuals interested in becoming a sponsor or facilitator of Transitioning Me groups

10 sessions  (each session is 90 minutes)



Rebecca or Barbara or both of us!


How to Hire us: 

send an email right here right now!