The Small Guide to Life’s Big Changes

If Change is Normal, Why is it So Hard?

How to Ride the Waves of Change Without Feeling Stalled, Stupid, or Unprepared

You start a new job, move across the country, or lose an important relationship. Your life changes and you feel disoriented, maybe a bit afraid. Transitions are tough.

You tell your best friend, “I feel kinda lost.” Hoping you can figure out how to transition well, you read books and blogs. You talk to friends, colleagues, even strangers. You are mindful and proactive, but find yourself reacting rather than acting. You start thinking, ”I should have this figured out by now,” and you’re too honest to pretend this is easy. Feeling frustrated and a bit fearful, you wonder, “Am I doing this right?”

You are not alone.

After all, Transitioning Well is not a life-skill taught in school. That’s why we gathered transition wisdom in one place.

Change and transition are a natural part of life. As you grow you change. Each time your life changes you transition.

Your transitions and how you navigate them are what make your life story unique. Wouldn’t it be a relief to have a guidebook to help you navigate transition with clarity and intention?

We’re collecting Transition Journey™ wisdom — Positive Practices™ — into a book. When you learn the Positive Practices for managing change, you make healthier choices with less frustration and fear so you can stay afloat in the rough waters of change.

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While each person’s story is unique, a set of actions and strategies emerge again and again in healthy transitions. Our book presents the natural stages of the transition process. It also includes the Positive Practices™ that prepare you for and help move you through your Transition Journey™.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow.
If we don’t grow, we are not really living.” Gail Sheehy

You can change. You can grow! With the Positive Practices™ you can live with less fear and more trust, less distress and more calm! Shift Happens. Be ready.

Wondering what’s inside? Here’s the Table of Contents.