Rebecca’s Bio

Hello! I’m Rebecca Waring-Crane.

Rebecca Waring-Crane from above; biopicWhat Inspires Me.  People who move through life shifts with intention inspire me. As an artist, a teacher, and a writer, I love before and after stories. And it’s the space between before and after — the transition — that really fascinates me.

What I Wonder.  If you’re like me, you wonder if there’s some secret to that space between. I’m not shy and I like research, so I ask people, “What do you do when life changes?” And then I listen. People will tell you all sorts of things if you just ask. 

What I Learned. People who transition well are not wealthier, smarter, or better looking than everyone else. But they do have something in common. Again and again their transition stories include a similar set of strategies and choices. I call their wisdom Positive Practices™. Using the Positive Practices™ they move through all manner of life’s Big Changes with intention.

What I Do. Together with the warm, delightful Barbara James*, I began Transitioning Me Logo  Our mission: To guide proactive people through their unique Transition Journey with the Positive Practices™. *Working with Barbara shows up on my gratitude list every day.

My goals for Transitioning Me Logo

  • Share the wisdom of healthy transitions.real
  • Guide you through the normal phases of your transition journey.
  • Teach proactive people how to navigate change in healthy ways by using the Positive Practices™.
  • Open my own life and tell you how my Transition Journey™ goes — the ups and the downs.

People. Places. Profession. Personal Wellness. All of these change. Shift Happens.

I’m here to help proactive people navigate life’s inevitable changes with intention and grace.

I work with Barbara to serve up transition wisdom in refreshing portions. Along with small groups and face-to-face seminars, we share what we know right here on our site. Be good to yourself and be the first to know what’s brewing!

A bit more about me

  • I love the word Redemption.
  • Barbara James and I are collecting all our transition wisdom in one place and writing The Small Guide To Life’s Big Changes.
  • I’m the creator of This is my portfolio for my interests, questions, creative process, and culture-jamming ideas.
  • I’ve had a home address in Beirut, Khartoum, and Nairobi, and now live in Riverside, California.
  • Color makes me very happy!
  • I spent most of my life thinking I was un-friendable. I got over that.
  • I live with my true love.
  • True love and I have two grown children. Our lovelies have taught us many transition truths. They make us laugh. A lot.
  • I am learning to love and listen to my body as I adjust to life with Myasthenia Gravis.
  • I like hearing from you. Send me a note! rebecca at transitioning dot me