Barbara’s Bio

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat I love about Transitioning Me:
I’ve learned the hard way that I have resources within me and around me to get through crisis, upheaval, loss and change.

I call myself the “Queen of Transitions” after living and moving multiple times, speaking other languages, and adjusting to other cultures long-term in five countries outside the USA. It’s meant going through multiples of changes simultaneously and I’ve floundered many times during and after a move, new job, and new relationship base. I’ve also been witness to and played a small role in other people’s lives as they’ve gone through upheaval, some under very traumatic circumstances.

Because change can be so multi-dimensional and completely different each time round, we all find ourselves disoriented and challenged differently with each new transition. 

The inspiration for Transitioning Me has been the accumulated wisdom of my own personal journey, others’ stories, and a passion to “be there” for people. This led to the launch of Transitioning Me and becoming a Life Transitional Coach. Transitioning Me is all about cheering you on in the midst of your transition, challenging you to look at personal resources and assets, and equipping you with a core of Practices to use along the way to make the experience one of less confusion and more empowerment.

After years of working in the healthcare industry as an RN, I’ve come full circle in living out my conviction that prevention and care before illness and crisis is where I want to spend my time and energy. Moving into the dynamic role of Transitional Coach allows me to integrate my own background and experience to empower others towards a journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

In teaching Pilates I have come to appreciate the similarities in building core strength physically and building core strength emotionally for the journey of life. We are only as strong as our infrastructure allows. So the stronger your emotional core, the longer, safer and more intentional your journey can be. 

I am thankful for the support of my husband Stephen who has been the best partner and encouraging friend through all of my transitional ups and downs. My three adult children inspire me as they transition professionally, culturally and relationally here in the US after growing up abroad.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate together with Rebecca Waring-Crane in this endeavor. This project wouldn’t have happened single-handedly. Together we strive to give you the best practices and the stories which will inspire and motivate you to   Transition Well!