About Us

We are Transition Guides. We are here help you see your life as an adventure. Our passion is to make your Big Change experiences less fearful and more hopeful, less confusing and more empowering. We believe that significant transitions are invitations to life transformation.

Avatar_BarbaraBarbara James

I call myself the “Queen of Transitions” after living and moving multiple times, speaking other languages, and adjusting to other cultures long-term in five countries outside the USA. It’s meant going through multiples of changes simultaneously and I’ve floundered many times during and after a move, new job, and new relationship base. [Barbara’s Story]


Rebecca Waring-Crane

As an artist, a teacher, and a writer, I love before and after stories. And it’s the space between before and after — the transition — that really fascinates me. [Rebecca’s Story]

Mission Statement

Transitioning Me is all about guiding proactive people in the midst of transition, challenging them to greater awareness of personal wisdom and strengths, and equipping them with a core of Positive Practices™ so they can navigate the waves of change with intention.