Comfort and Joy: Articulate Your Holiday Values

Holiday time! How does that phrase make you feel?

Excited   Blue   Exhausted   Anticipatory   Full of Dread   Ambivalent

Take five minutes to stop and think: What do you WANT to do? What really matters to you as you celebrate?

Grab a pen and paper and answer these questions. Be honest. With all the expectations of others, of past patterns, of a culture that promotes spending as an obligation, this might be challenging. But your heart knows.

If this is difficult for you, it’s time for a Positive Practice.

Positive Practice:  Articulate Your Values

  • Say it aloud to yourself , “I value ________, so I’m going to _______  and it’s OK.”   
  • Now write it down. This reinforces your commitment. Keep this with you as a reference.
  • Make decisions based on your values and let others know. Say aloud to another person, Because I value __________, I’m not going to _________ this holiday season. Or: Because I value_________I’ve decided to ______.

This can be a time of joy, gratitude, connection, peace, and love. You can choose to align your values with your time and energy to make it so.

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Rebecca Waring-Crane